Wednesday, 22 May 2013

New Braces & WW1 Project

Piper's second visit to Nottingham for the archives project. We came on the train today so had a full half an hour before the session started which was great as I hate arriving late. Meant we had a very relaxed journey and got to have a nice talk without any interruption-rare in a family of six!

Piper was put in a small group with four other girls which was great, their all still a bit nervous around each other but it's a good start. They'll be spending a lot of time together over the next year so hopefully will get to know each other better.

We had a visit to the conservation room, which was really cool-people dusting off documents from the 18th century! Cool job :) then a talk was given about why they were archiving the artefacts in acid free folders and on special paper if appropriate. Then the girls worked in two's/three's to transfer some of the paper documents into acid free wallets which gave them chance to chat and I got to talk to a couple of the mums there too which was nice.

The walk from the station to the archives by the canal

Piper/we had forgotten to fill her sheet in so we made a start on it on the train home after we'd had some lunch. The sheet asks what they hope to learn from the project, it's then filled in again at the end of the project. 

Meanwhile back at home hubby had to take Bailey for his brace fitting. Strange to not be there as I've done nearly all his appointments and its taken getting used to being able to share responsibilities but its allowing us more individual time with the children which is good. Bailey did not enjoy the brace fitting and point blank refused a before/after photo-suppose I don't blame him, I was the same. He's in a bit of discomfort and so I made sure we had lots of soup in as chewing is going to be difficult for the next few days. Glad it's finally done and fitted now, feels like there's been lots of waiting around and then it's all happened very quickly. Cordelia and Ruben were very good apparently despite it being a boring morning for them.

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