Sunday, 12 May 2013

Making & Baking

Another busy weekend for us but we managed to fit in quite a lot, we had our usual Sunday morning walk around the local car boots before coming home for a lunch of cottage pie. Hubby played Dungeons and Dragons with Bailey, Cordelia and Ruben for the third time this week!

Meanwhile, Piper and I decided to make a rather luxurious chocolate brownie for after tea. No photos of the end result as it didn't last long enough and as you can tell from these grainy photos my phone camera is really playing up-maybe after I bounced it on rocks in the Peak District!?

Cordelia found this bargain breyer truck and Horse carriage at the car boot this weekend for £10, including horse and figure. She then discovered a horse she bought last weekend for 50p was also a Breyer horse. The horse and truck sell for £110 new and the horses between £15-20 each so a real bargain and a much played with and loved toy. 

In fact she was so inspired by her new toy (bought with her own pocket money) that she got an old cardboard box from the garage and made her own stables for the horses:

Here she is hard at work-in between watching last night's gripping Dr Who episode-Piper tried to talk her into painting it but she wanted to play with it straight away so left it plain instead.

All finished, she used bottle top lids and blue tack for their water tubs and made some straw bags from pieces of string. Hubby joked she was just a yogurt pot away from a Blue Peter project....

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