Thursday, 9 May 2013

Lord of The Rings Chess

We are big fans of chess in this house and you may have noticed we are pretty big Lord of the Rings fans too. I mentioned in an early blog post how we taught the children to play chess back on holiday in France in 2009 with a Lord of the Rings chess set-the children were not fans back then I should add. We have been looking for a new chess set for a while and we saw this one at the Vintage market in Chesterfield, the children begged me to buy it but at £25 it was a little steep and out of our budget. A week later and the exact same set came up on a facebook selling group Hubby is on for £5!! So we picked it up and guess what? The kids have played it loads...

Cordelia and Ruben actually switched off Minecraft/Howrse on the laptops to play several games against each other :-o

Feels like every time I come into the room someone different is playing it-which is brilliant of course! I have to admit I'm struggling to play with the different charcaters after only ever playing with a "normal" chess set, hubby too but the children are having no such problems.

Bargain of the week!

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