Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Longshaw Estate Peak District

We resisited a walk in the Peak District all weekend despite the gorgeous weather-none of us can be doing with crowds these days so we waited until today when everyone was back at work/school. Thankfully the good weather has continued and so we had a beautiful walk through the National Trust's Longshaw estate-no 7 day advance booking required!

This manor house was built as a hunting lodge and described as a "box"! It was very gothic and imposing.

We found these lovely dens made in the woods, leftover from bank holiday fun I think. Ruben was very happy and would probably have played here all day.

I don't think it could ever get boring staring at blue skies-especially when the scenery is so gorgeous.

The children found a little adventure trail, there were quite a few child led activities around which was nice.

Even Tallulah joined in!

We spotted some lambs too but they moved away sparish when they saw Tallulah. I love the tree shadows on this photo.

Exploring the Boggot's den, Ruben had jumped over some muddy banks and landed in a bit of a bog so one shoe was covered in mud. He was trying to clean it with leaves as a couple came past and asked if the schools were off.......

Think it will be nice to take this photo again in the winter and see how different it looks, since we are only a 2 5 minute drive away there's no excuse not to.

Ruben made me take this photo of a beetle he found-he's gone all nature-explorer on us again!

The stream heading towards Padley Gorge

Look its Bailey! He has started coming back out with us again-yay!

Lovely views from the top

Another beetle Ruben spotted

Huge ants nest-they were everywhere and climbing all over our shoes, the girls thought this particularly gross.

Crossing over the gorge

A lovely spot to sit and have a picnic and for me to drop my Iphone on to a rock and smash all the back of it, sigh, this is what happens when you use your phone instead of a camera. Still at least the back can be fixed thanks to Ebay...

It was actually really loud sat here next to the water. Reminded me of Wales and Betws-Y-Coed

There was a little discovery barn that was full of information on the area which was really interesting.

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