Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Horse Riding & Own A Pony Project

Cordelia had her third horse riding lesson, she is doing much better and gaining more confidence and posture. We need to work on her overall fitness according to her instructor, so I have been having quite a think about that and looking into different exercises and strength training. I suppose if she was at school she would be taking part in P.E. classes a few times a week and apart from walking, trampoline and her horse riding she isn't taking part in any sports. So I'm going to try and look at some different things we can do as a family to get us all a bit fitter which in turn will also help Cordelia with her overall fitness for riding.

When she came in she was very happy to find a parcel from friends for both her and Piper, lots of Legolas goodies in there and lots of ideas to send back to too so two very happy girls :-)

A few days ago I talked to Cordelia about her love of horses and how if she ever wanted to own one, which is obviously the goal, that I expected her to find out as much as possible about equestrian care and what things we would need to know. I know nothing about horses, I had one riding lesson as a 10yr old and it scarred me for life so I explained that I'd need to know what we were getting into fully. I even said I'd be prepared to attend a horse care course to learn more, things we do! The horse itself isn't actually the biggest cost really and we looked in her horse magazine to find you can even rescue them for free or low cost. But the livery fees, vet fees, food and general care are all very costly.

So taking all this on board she has begun a horse project, we visited the library on the way back from Castleton on Monday and she found a couple of useful books which is great as she is not just using the internet. She has been making notes and typing it all up on word, printing out as she goes. I've made no promises of a time schedule and its not going to be in the next year, she will need to be a competent rider first (and I may even have to learn to ride one too-eeekkk!!) but I hope its something we can do for her in the future.

She is taking it very seriously anyway and I'm getting several daily updates and different horse related facts!

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