Monday, 27 May 2013

Bank Holiday Weekend

Whilst I have no photos from the weekend, keep forgetting to bring out my new camera! we had such a lovely time that I just want to record it for memories sake! I did take some photo's of Ruben paddling but hubby deleted them off his phone by accident! So it goes.

Sunday we had a busy day with a morning full of car boots, the children stocking up on LPS and Pokemon. We had lunch and then met up with my dad, his partner and her son Russ, his wife Molly and their very cute baby. Plus  three extra dogs! That made for 6 adults, 5 children and 4 dogs!


We stopped to buy the children ice creams before setting off to walk up the side of Padley Gorge. It was a really sunny afternoon for the second bank holiday in a row! We stopped for a quick paddle in the water, the children trying to coax our very set-in-her-ways jack russell into going into the water, she did have a quick paddle but doesn't really like water. Ruben said it was very cold but once he got in we had a job getting him back out again. Back down the other side of the gorge and back to the car and back for a BBQ at Russ & Molly's house. A stunning house and the first time we have been there, the children really enjoyed talking to Molly, she is brilliant with the children and as she is a vet Cordelia is completely in awe of her! We had a fab BBQ cooked by Russ before coming home, a lovely afternoon.

Monday we had a bit of a later start before meeting up with friends back up in the Peak District. Weather was not as nice but we hadn't seen our friends in ages and it was so lovely to catch up that we hardly noticed the cooler weather. I don't think I have been to this part of the Peak District in all my life as I have been in the last month but it has been lovely. Forgot my camera again though!! After a picnic lunch we said goodbye to our friends and headed to see the children's great-grandparents on my hubby's side. As usual the children's great-nannan had made them lots of food to eat so they happily tucked in whilst we chatted about all the things we had been doing recently. The children are so lucky to still have their great-grandparents around, they have such great stories to tell and we always have such a lovely time with them.

Back home and we were all shattered after a busy weekend, its been lovely to catch up with family and friends though!

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