Monday, 8 April 2013

Warhammer World Invasion Event

Today hubby took the day off to take Bailey to the Warhammer World Invasion tournament. He has been so excited and was up really early because he had a dream he forget all his stuff! He has been busy preparing all his army to take with him, painting and preparing all his back story for the models (you get more points for your army having a backstory).

It was a long day for hubby though, they left at 8.30am because the traffic in Nottingham is horrendous and didn't get home until 6.30pm. He spent a lot of his day sat in the cafe and wandering around whilst Bailey played his 3 matches and had a great time with his friends from the Games Workshop group he attends twice a week.

The ticket:

Bailey all ready to go, not a brilliant photo but regular readers will know that Bailey is quite elusive when it comes to the camera so I did rather well to get this shot..

Hubby took these photos whilst Bailey was playing his first match, he won but lost the second and third match. He was quite disappointed but it was a really good experience for him and he is already thinking about taking part in the other competitions coming up this year.

All quiet before the battles begin!

Back home and he has begun painting his newest additions-Tyranids. He managed to glue his fingers together ever so slightly too!


  1. I am definitely going to show L.

    1. It's a good hobby as lots of skills required and it means a break from Xbox too :) he's made some new friends too-much needed with everyone going back to school...

    2. aw I loved warhammer I have goblins and orcs set hidden away somewhere if mine ever get into it! I loved painting them it took hours but worth it