Saturday, 6 April 2013

Vintage Shopping in Matlock

We made the most of the sun today and had a drive out to Matlock, we haven't been for ages and there's lots of really lovely antique and vintage shops to wander in. Since our holiday back in February, where we all had tea watching Flog It! the children, girls in particular, have really gotten into antiques. They've always liked vintage but are now trying to get an eye for antiques. Its lovely to watch them developing their own tastes, Piper has becoming really obsessed with hats, in particular service hats like fire/police hats-they really suit her too! Cordelia loves anything with animals or jewellery, she's a little magpie :) Ruben spent a lot of time looking for Pokemon but to no avail.

We loved all the trinkets on this dressing table:

The girls and I thought this kitchen was fabulous, I'd love to design my own kitchen and not have a fitted one. I love how they use cabinets instead of fitted cupboards, this could be where my addiction to buying second hand furniture and upcycling comes from!

Look at this 40's/50's cooker! Its SO clean even inside!

The Vintage Rooms was a really lovely shop, all well set out and a really wonderful atmosphere inside. Will definitely be back here again soon.

Up on the hill at Matlock is Riber Castle, a Grade 11 listed building that is sadly no longer in use, it has been a private home, a boys school and even a zoo!! It looks very commanding up on the hill though

Back at home whilst waiting for our second instalment of Dr Who and Ruben got creative with some Lego, nothing new really as lego is like our full-time floor covering, but he chose to make his name out of lego in 3D. He looks very grown up in this photo

He then went on to make himself a Pokemon I.D. card. All on his own.

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