Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Trip to London & we brave the Tube!

Since Hubby was back at work today I decided to make the most of my new palaces membership and have a day in London with the children. I was really brave and took them on the tube for very first time. I've been on it before but I wasn't too keen on it and the thought of taking the children on it filled me with utter fear but they're all getting big enough now to be able to know how it works. They were a ll a bit nervous but it wasn't too bad and there were lots of giggles and falling around! When I showed them on google maps that the 10 minute tube journey had saved us walking 3 miles and 50 minutes they were pretty impressed!!

We walked past The Monument-Piper wanted to see this for years when she was about 7 years old but refused to go up today! Had to promise to take Cordelia up the next time we visit..

One of the first sites we saw when we got off the tube was The Shard. The children were super excited since they had watched it in Saturday's Dr Who episode...

Look-its the sun!!!!

Ruben loved this sculpture which is called "full stop" and was on the Southbank

This was where we were heading-The Tower of London. We sat here first though and had our lunch whilst watching the streams of foreign tourists coming past. It was a lovely atmosphere because of the holidays with lots of families and children around.

London skyline, looks a bit strange having all these modern buildings such as the Gherkin next to the really old London Tower

HMS Belfast-another place on our list to visit! Glad it wasn't today though as the queue was HUGE!

Tower Bridge. I brought the children here twice before but they can't remember because it was about 5 years ago-they were quite little then.

Bailey reading the tube map, they only asked about a 100 times "how many stops?"

They all enjoyed the tube ride after the initial nervousness!

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