Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Tower of London & The Crown Jewels

After lunch across the river we crossed over Tower Bridge getting caught in the crowd of very excited teenage girl tourists! Kids spotted a lady with a Pikachu handbag so were super excited :-)

It was very busy getting inside the Tower but thanks to our membership cards we were inside pretty quickly. Inside and it was so much bigger than it looks from the outside!!

First up was Traitors Gate-Piper explained to us more about it "traitors/prisoners would arrive by boat at night and be terrified. Elizabeth the 1st was quite scared when she arrived and didn't want to go any further as that is where her mother was beheaded".

There were lots of different towers to go in and walks around the walls but we decided to stand in the huge queue for the Crown Jewels. It moved quickly though but Ruben had time to play a quick battle on his 3DS. It was very exciting, I'd never seen them before. There were a lot of people inside and not everyone was so considerate to children so it was quite frustrating getting to see the cabinets but it was worth it! No photos obviously but WOW what an experience to see such beautiful, intricate, priceless and antique items.

The tower with all the torture equipment (whose name escapes me!) was a little creepy and as all the blood started to go from Rubens face we made a sharpish exit! But I did get chance to take this quick picture of "The Rack" it basically stretched your body in two opposite directions....


Piper had a mini melt down when we climbed up a too-tight-super-windy staircase but there was only one way out!

Sadly we couldn't visit the menagerie as it was closed but all the different animals around the tower were very interesting in particular the elephant. We found out that France gifted an African Elephant to London but sadly it only survived two years. There was also a Grizzly Bear from Canada which lived for much longer and was called Old Martin. We went in Martin's Tower too where there was a really good view of Tower Bridge and this cool but heavy bow you could pick up.

Below: The line of kings heads, bit bizarre to be honest!

The White Tower was pretty epic too but I think we have been a little spoiled by Leeds Armouries which is very close to us and we visited only a month or so ago. So whilst Henry V111's armour is impressive we've seen it several times. The horse display was pretty cool though and Cordelia's favourite.

We loved the dragon made from bits of armour too!

The Ravens where very cool and we even got to see one taking a shower.

I think another trip will be required to see all the rest and take Hubby along with us too!

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