Sunday, 14 April 2013

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Party..

Cordelia's 11th Birthday Party

For Cordelia's 11th birthday we planned a surprise Hobbit party. Lord of The Rings & The Hobbit have become such a huge part of our house it seemed a shame not too really! We're a house full of J.R.R Tolkien fans :)

We didn't tell the birthday girl until last night, it was hard to keep secret when hubby put up his "Bagend" scenery and brought in his handmade Urak-Hai breastplate! I think it looks fab and the children want to keep it in the house for ever! Cordelia was so excited when she found it. Not sure how we got her to go to bed at all last night!

It's all been very last minute really and probably for the best, had we had more time we'd have really gone to town. Hubby and I love planning birthday parties for the children and we get as excited as them. I can only remember 1 party as a child, even though there could have been more I'm not sure but I really enjoy thinking of a theme and being creative with it. I'm extremely lucky that I have such a brilliant husband because he is so good at taking an idea from my head and creating it exactly.

As we only planned it last Sunday it gave us very little time to order anything online and there's very little in the shops for Hobbit parties. I had to visit 7 shops yesterday just to get gold coins for the party sacks! We bought gold balloons, plates, cups and napkins and a green tablecloth (which was a bit to small tbh!) I cut one of my old curtains up for the party sacks as the material was perfect. I liked the idea of the party hobbits each taking their share of the treasure-Bilbo is a burglar after all!.

I downloaded this fantastic Happy Birthday banner from Shower of Roses (I love her birthday party ideas, such a fantastic blog I'll definitely be putting it on my reading list!) and also the Party Business sign.

Ruben loves dragons so we borrowed his red one and sat him on some gold coins for game prizes-He looks just like Smaug on his treasure don't you think?

For food I tried to keep to a "ring" theme as much as possible so I chose party rings, mini donuts, onion rings and baked some hobbit door cup cakes. I loved these green foil cupcake cases by Tala! I created them using Renshaw ready coloured icing and it was so easy. I love their packs with four different colours in although I only used the green and yellow. I think the children will use the other two colours to make things with. I also baked some chocolate cupcakes as they are a big favourite with my four children. We also had mini pork pies, sausages, sandwiches and sausage rolls-Hobbits get very hungry!!

When guests arrived they each received their own "ring", Ruben spent yesterday painting some wooden curtain rings with gold paint and then Cordelia put them all on string so guests could wear them. Later they were part of the "Toss the Ring into Mount Doom" game. Bailey had built Mount Doom earlier in the week out of Lego being the fab big brother/Lego expert he is!

Bailey also printed of a Dwarfish alphabet so guests could write their names in Dwarfish! He's been a star this week :) he printed, painted and created the "Prancing Pony" sign for the kitchen too!

I very cheaply created the bunting with string and dark green napkins, cutting out a triangle in the middle to make them a bit flag-like. Then we hung the string up, hung the napkins over and hubby stapled them so they stayed put-very effective and cheap!

For the cake I baked a Mary Berry chocolate cake with fudge icing, I baked it in a round tin and then cut it in half and put the two halves together with fudge icing. I then made green buttercream, I couldn't get it as dark as I wanted but never mind, I looked online and I should have bought paste instead! I put the cake on a foiled plate and covered it with a layer of buttercream before leaving it to set overnight in the fridge. I made the door and windows out of the Renshaw ready coloured icing like the cupcakes. I used the rest of the buttercream icing and a small star nozzle in my Tala icing bag, again I should have bought a grass nozzle but ran out of time! It worked out ok in the end. I used a Mars Bar for the roof and some dark chocolate for the path and around the door. Renshaw icing again for the garden and then Ruben brought me the Lego Lord of the Ring and Hobbit minifigures so their ready for their adventure to begin!


  1. Wow, so cool! You clever pair x Happy Birthday Cordelia x

  2. How fabulously clever you and your husband are, creating magical memories for your little Hobbits! Well done, mission accomplished I think. xXx

  3. Wow, I want that cake!!!! That's just brilliant, you are so clever Zoe! X