Sunday, 14 April 2013

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Party Part 2

Just a few photos from the party, I didn't take too many. We played a few games but it gets harder as they get older to find games that please everyone. So hubby chose a couple that included:
A Riddle Game
Toss the Ring into Mordor
One Ring to Rule them All-Simon says really but you had to wear a ring!
And Bailey printed a Dwarfish alphabet out so they could all write their names in Dwarfish.

Then they all went and had food in the "Prancing Pony".

Cordelia opened her presents from her friends which included a goth girl sticker book, black sparkly nail varnish, black lace gloves, black sparkly heart necklace, Monster High Operetta Doll and sequin pony pictures. She was very happy! Thank you everyone :-)

The girls then had a big game of Monster High, whilst the boys chatted Pokemon and Bailey hovered around the food area as only teenage boys can!

Late nights for the girls as two of their friends stayed for a sleepover but they were all very well behaved and asleep by 12.

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