Sunday, 21 April 2013

Sutton Scarsdale Hall

We've had a pretty non stop weekend this weekend, and two whole days of sunshine and mild weather! We have spent a lot of the weekend mooching round the car boot sales locally, which is something we all enjoy doing to be honest. Bailey had his first work experience this weekend with running a stall himself, the girls and Ruben all took it in turns helping too and all four were given a percentage of the profit. Both hubby and I think its important for our children to be able to appreciate money and I'd love it if they could all have their own businesses rather than working for other people. This weekend was hopefully the first step towards that, I will do a blog post in more detail on this in the future I think.

Anyway besides that we did some gardening too, which was nice. The children really want to get some things planted but we're not quite ready for that yet, hopefully will be soon though. Our garden in this house is much bigger and requires quite a bit of TLC.

Bailey had his Warhammer group on Sunday and so we took the opportunity to have a drive up to Sutton Scarsdale Hall. We haven't been up for ages but I've seen it everytime we have driven on the motorway recently, its sits on the hill above the M1 opposite Bolsover Castle and not far from Hardwick Hall so its in pretty good company! Sadly though Sutton Scarsdale did not fair too well and is now just an empty shell, you can see that it used to be such an impressive house and less than 100 years ago the Arkwright family would have been living here.

Richard Arkwright made his money during the Industrial Revoloution and we visited some of his mills in 2010  Matlock Mills and Masson Mills. I had forgotten about the connection, the small town just near Sutton Scarsdale is called Arkwright Town too. Arkwright also bought estate from Florence Nightingale's father, which we found interesting since she is in our family tree! Small world...

This would have been the back of the house but as it would have been the seen on the approach to the house it was given a beautiful façade too.

A little sad to think what a magnificent home it once was.

You can still see some of the beautiful baroque decoration in this room.

This is how it would have looked in 1919

And now....behind bars you can just see a glimmer of how it once was.

The front of the house is really quite impressive and it must have been so imposing at the time with its sweeping drive.

Ruben shouted me over to see the views! You can just see Bolsover Castle on the hill.

Ruben found a great tree to hide in.

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