Monday, 15 April 2013

Sunny Monday

This morning was quite chilled despite there being six children for breakfast! The girls all happily played together but Ruben was feeling a bit grumpy and left out of the games. So I took him for a walk to the park with Tallulah. It was such lovely weather today with lots of sunshine so we stayed and played in the park for half an hour just the two of us. Ruben chatted happily about his favourite pokemon and we pretended all the birds we saw were different types of pokemon making our walk more of an adventure with flying Spearow.

Tallulah was very happy to have a good walk, not having had one for a while due to us all being busy-poor dog! And it just burned enough of Rubens energy off so he was happier when we got back and the girls let him join in their game.

Meanwhile I took Bailey to the library as we had books that needed renewing and Cordelia wanted me to pick up "The Two Towers" and "Return of the King" by Tolkien and Bailey picked up some Warhammer and SAS books. He has just started reading the Chris Ryan books.

Back home and after lunch it was time for singing for the four girls so I dropped them off and popped into the supermarket for birthday cards, wrapping paper & birthday girls breakfast. I dropped Cordelia off with her nannan to go and buy horse riding boots for her birthday whilst I took the girls back to their mum at Meadowhall. Meaning Piper and I had a bit of one on one time too for a really good chat. Three out of four for one on one time which I think is unheard of in one day! I didn't even realise that until I wrote our day down!

Cordelia on her last night of being 10!

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