Thursday, 25 April 2013

Sudbury Museum of Childhood

We've visited Sudbury musuem of Childhood before but its been around 2 years so it was nice to go back, or so I thought! It caused a lot of confusion when we got there because I failed to book our educational visit a week in advance. There were four children and myself with a home educators card. I completely understand the need to book an educational visit if a) your a school group or b) your expecting a private tour but we were neither of those things. I don't usually plan visits a week in advance nor do I plan a curriculum with trips realted to what we are learning about, that's just not how we roll! Home education for us is about seeing and doing and living in the world around us, follow the children's interests and passions and some occasional strewing of things we think they might be interested in. I been a member of National Trust for several years with different memberships but found the home educators discount membership of £36 a year to suit us best as we don't usually visit in school holidays or weekends as we like to visit on quieter days. But if it means we are going to have to book a week in advance I'm not sure this membership is for us. I'm quite disappointed really and thinking of complaining, I asked HE friends on facebook if this had happened to them before and apparently its just us!

Moving on....

We still had a good day looking at lots of old toys and spotting a few of our favourites mixed in too.

Cordelia would have loved to ride in this when she was a baby...or even now actually if she'd fit...

The girls had quite a few of these Sindy items a while back before she was bumped for Monster High-wonder if there will be a cabinet like this of Monster High dolls when my grandchildren are born??

Ruben thought this doorway looked exciting..

Hmmm, think I should have switched my flash off! The boys enjoyed looking at the Star Wars, Dr Who and E.T. toys in this cabinet

We think this dragon looks like Smaug....

Looking for toys they recognise in this cabinet. We found lots of toys Bailey had when he was little like Bob the Builder.

Playing with marionette puppets

Ruben really loved this story board, it had lots of magnetic pictuires that you placed on a plain board and made stories. The girls had a go too and created a story with trees from Lord of the Rings and a wizard named Gandalf, of course!

I really like this collage of a Rabbit made up from magazine pictures, it looks like Piper's soft toy rabbit Mop.

Cordelia really loved this toy cow which originally made noises and could really be milked!

Bailey and Ruben found some Brio track to build, ahh that brought back lots of memories from Bailey being small. From the ages of 2 years to 6 years he built a brio track everyday to play with, hubby and I are also excellent track builders thanks to the 4 years of intense Thomas the Tank Engine days!

There is a lovely playground outside, which seems very popular because there were more people outside than in the whole museum!

After a play and a picnic lunch the children wanted to play a game of chess on the lawn, four games later and nearly an hour passed! People kept stopping and saying how good it was that they all knew how to play. We taught them on holiday in France in 2009 with a Lord of the Rings chess set! If only we had known that LOTR would become such a huge part of our lives back then... Was very, very relaxing, am thinking of buying them a garden chess set for the summer.

We had a lovely walk around the gardens, I loved how these trees had been planted, from every angle they were in rows-diagonally, vertically and horizontal-very cool.

A sloth Ruben, very rare spotted in the wild.....

And a gothic princess in a tree too :)

We had a walk around the churchyard and Ruben spotted this outside the entrance to the church. Piper told him it was for scraping your boots on.

We actually enjoyed reading the names of the graves but it was sad seeing how young some children were when they died. Lots of interesting names though

We had a quick walk through the village before hubby picked us up and we spotted this in a garden. The house was called "Stocks Cottage". 

Back home and hubby and the girls decided on a game of Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit. Hubby had picked it up from a carboot for £2! The girls shock really!

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