Friday, 29 March 2013

Soap Carving at The Grain Warehouse

On Friday we were lucky enough to be able to take part in a soap carving session with an artist called Sylvia. She was brilliant! Hubby was off work so he took Ruben into town for a while and Bailey stayed home to stock up on Xbox time so it was just the girls and I. Despite living in Sheffield my whole life I have to admit to hardly spending anytime at all near the canal, such a shame as its a really beautiful spot!

The girls were happy looking at boats for sale and suggested we buy one! I'm not very good on water so I'm thinking maybe not...It was nice to have a eek in the windows though and see how modern they are. We managed to find the Grain House despite not having a clue where it was. It was very impressive inside and Sylvia told us how the building was used and what the strange metal structures coming out of the ceiling were for-grain ! Which was then transported by canal boat to the mills.

Sylvia had been in the warehouse a few months (I think!) and Lush had provided her with two tonnes of coal tar soap, which in the store is black but Sylvia requested it in white. She had managed to sculpt all the pieces into this shape: Which I think looks a lot like a giant coffee bean!

The girls and I had a fab time taking chunks of soap and carving them into different objects.

Piper had a go at making chocolate bars, Cordelia made a worm coming out of the ground and also a sea sculpture with waves and starfish. It was really relaxing just shaving bits of soap off the block.

We were given lots of soap to take home with us and I'm tempted to get some soap oils and glitter and made some smaller blocks. I'd also like the boys to have at go but we'll see!

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