Monday, 29 April 2013

On the Cusp of Great Things......

Today was a little bit of a sad day for the girls-their last singing class. They have been going for just over two years now and its been a lot of fun for them, its done wonders for their confidence-more Piper's really as she is quite shy. They have loved their teacher and are really going to miss her lots but the girls have grown up lots in the last 2 1/2 years, which is to be expected really! Their changing, their thoughts, interests, ideas and attitudes are all coming in huge waves-its all new to them and to us and its such an important job we have ahead of us as parents. I've said before that each of my children require different parenting styles as they are all so different-that's four different parenting techniques!- and its important, so, so important that we guide them well through the next few years of hormones and changes. So far I think its going well, the children are happy and confident in themselves which I think has a lot to do with being home educated, now more than ever do I appreciate the advantages of home educating. They have this freedom to be who they want without  judgement from peers. They are lucky enough to have many home educated friends who are equally supportive and non-judgemental. There is no trying to "fit in" with everyone else in your school, their free to please themselves, wear whatever they want, listen to whatever music appeals to them, talk to people they want to talk to, NOT talk to people they don't want to. I can't believe how important this all is now I think about it-I suppose we shall see how this effects them in later life but I really can't imagine the effect of not having the pressure at school in the teen years will have on them. When I took the older three children out of school these were not things I thought about too much-it was over 5 years ago now and those things seemed so far off in the distance. Now we are approaching them faster than ever and its suddenly made me aware of how important the next 5 years are going to be in their lives, how the experiences they will have will shape them and their future and it seems we made the best decision all those years ago because I can't imagine how our life would have been if we hadn't. I'm not sure I would want to either.

I'm so in awe of how the children are approaching their teen years and coming into their own identities, I'm so happy that they can talk to us so openly about anything that's on their minds, ask us questions and that their life is so happy. They have parents that not only love them all so much but love each other so much and are best friends. Tomorrow marks a huge day for us-its hubby's last full day of full-time work. After tomorrow he will work part-time hours around our home ed life whilst we both work to grow our business. I'm so excited and so emotional because its something we have talked about for such a long time and I really can't believe its actually here and happening. I feel so lucky to be able to spend every day with my best friend, no more work nights away, long working hours, work stress! More family days out, more time chilling out together, home educating our children together-it all feels too good to be true and like its happening to some one else. I'm so excited about the future and all the things that we have to look forwards too!


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