Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Mosque trip, horses & lego

Today we had a home ed visit booked to visit a Mosque in Sheffield. Its quite an iconic building in Sheffield and we have drove past it lots of times, we missed the last trip there so I was pleased when this one came! Hubby managed to pop out with us as it was his last full day of work before going part-time and the visit was only an hour long.

We arrived on time but unfortunately not everyone turned up so we were quite a small group, which was great for us as that's how we prefer things.

Inside the Mosque I didn't actually take any photo's as it didn't seem appropriate and has it happened we had a bit of a nightmare moment when we were in the prayer room. Bailey has had a rough week since his four teeth were taken out and hasn't been feeling his best, bless him and he'd had some painkillers after breakfast. BUT it was quite warm in there and a little dark, plus the yellow lines on the carpet meant he had had a severe migraine attack. Hubby turned around to see him just about to faint, he had gone completely blind and was in a bit of a tangle. Was a very scary couple of minutes I can tell you. Hubby took him outside and got him some water. He was so pale, he was practically white. I stayed with the younger three and we finished our tour, even though my heart wasn't really in it at this point as I was worried about Bailey but as only a few of us had turned up it didn't seem right to rush out of there. I can't remember much but here is what I can remember:

  • The Mosque faces South East towards Mecca
  • Everyone stands shoulder to shoulder in the Mosque to show they are all equal
  • Muslims pray five times a day
  • Mecca was the birthplace of the prophet Muhammad and a site of the revelation of the Quran
  • The Quran is the central religious text of Islam
  • All able Muslims have to make a pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in their lifetime and its called Hajj
The Mosque in Sheffield cost £4.5 million to build and was completed in 2006 but work is still continuing. There is a beautiful chandelier that has just been installed in a second prayer room which the children loved and Ruben remembered that it held 200 lightbulbs and Cordelia that it cost £45000 but that it would have cost £180000 if bought in the UK. It was shipped from China. It was HUGE!

Back home and Bailey had some lunch and plenty to drink before having a 2 hour nap! Obviously he needed it and felt and looked much better when he got up again. Meanwhile I took Cordelia off to her second horse riding lesson, she had a different instructor this time but worked just as hard. Her left leg is still a bit wobbly-so I'm expecting a growth spurt soon according to her instructor. She was working on her balance and gallop today.

Helping to put the saddle away-it was heavy!

Back home and the girls set to work building their new Lord of the Rings Lego Attack on Weathertop-they used their own pocket money to buy but we managed to get it at a bargain £30!

Another Frodo and golden ring

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