Thursday, 4 April 2013

Meeting up with Blogging Friends at Worthing Museum

Our last day in Sussex saw us dropping hubby off at work and setting off to West Sussex to meet up with online friends. I've followed their blogs for around 2 years and we are facebook friends so it was really lovely to finally get around to actually meeting them in "real-life". I admit to being really nervous beforehand, which makes me talk too much so I really hope I didn't!! The children were all a bit nervous too but they really needn't have been for all 9 of the children got along so well! Katie at Outside the Box came along with her daughter S who is 8 and her and Ruben hit it off straight away. Angela at The Masterplan and Me brought along her four children, Cordelia and Piper found a fellow Legolas fan in S, had a good chat with L about Minecraft and both my girls adored the younger girls W and A-there was a lot of Monster High and birthday chats going off!

Its lovely that despite having a mix of different ages it all becomes irrelevant and they chat happily to younger/older children.

Because I hate being late and I'm also terrible at finding anywhere new we arrived half an hour before everyone else so got to have a good look around the museum.

The fashion section was really brilliant and there were lots of lovely vintage gowns.

Piper and Cordelia really loved the Victorian nursery, especially the dolls house and rocking horse.

I loved these dolls made by local doll maker whose name now escapes me!! They were very well done and made me think of Vina Cooke.

All 9 children having fun and laughing together!

The children came away with plans to set up a Legolas fan club and hopefully keep in touch with everyone. Hopefully we will get chance again to meet up with them all!


  1. What a lovely post! When you said you talk a lot when nervous that reminded me of me, but then I just talk too much all the time to be honest lol x looks like you all had a great time! :)

    1. Thank you Lisa, I'm glad it's not just me who does that! I get really nervous meeting new people but I also really love it too :) hope to meet you in "real life" one day too :)