Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Kensington Palace

After another brave trip on the underground we had a short walk and a very cold lunch outside, no blue skies today but cold, cloudy skies and the threat of snow, we arrived at Kensington Palace. The home once of Queen Victoria, William 111 and Mary 11, Queen Anne, Queen Elizabeth 11, Princess Diana and the future home of Prince William and his wife Catherine.

We were given wristbands and all of the children got quizzes to do whilst walking around the rooms. There was an exhibition on called "Victoria revealed" which was perfect for Piper as she is a huge fan of Queen Victoria and already knew a lot about her. I didn't though so we had some great talks and sat reading the room booklets whilst we discussed different things about her.

The beautiful entrance lobby:

Queen Victoria's wedding dress! It was beautiful and so simple, she was much smaller than I had imagined. Piper thought that she had been buried in her wedding dress but we've found out that it was her wedding veil she was buried with amongst quite a few other things.

Ruben stood next to Prince Albert's wedding outfit, although this is not the original. Ruben's not normally too interested inn history but he really soaked it all up and asked lots of questions and listened really intently when I was reading them all information.

Playing with these very simple but fun spinners, simply made of a round piece of card and some string. They liked this desk as it had drawers you could open and lots of things inside. There were pictures that when you held them up to the light they revealed another part of the picture, we liked these.

For no other reason other than I liked this fireplace and card house feature!

Inside Queen Victoria's bedroom where there were lots of staff on hand and lots of craft to take part in. Cordelia chose to do a pop up palace.

Whilst Piper made a felt rabbit for the felt palace display.

Bailey and Ruben worked together to make a felt Eagle.

Whilst the children were all busy chatting to the staff about what we had seen in London this week, I got to have a look around what was Queen Victoria's bedroom including this beautiful wallpaper:

There was also some information about the room that was interesting, Queen Victoria's mother-The Duchess of Kent-was quite controlling and shared a room with her daughter. When Victoria became Queen one of the first things she did was have her mother's bed removed so she could sleep by herself for the first time!

Piper liked the selection of books available to read whilst the others were still crafting and so picked a book and a very comfy cushion and settled down. As one does in a Queen's bedroom...

Beautiful, grand staircase from the Kings apartment...

Taking it all in. There were some rooms I didn't take photo's in because I wasn't sure if I was allowed but I found it interesting to read about the other occupants of Kensington Palace including Queen Anne. A very sad scene is a room full of little chairs showing how many children Anne lost-17 in total. The only child to survive was William who died just after his 11th birthday party. A very sombre thought.

Time for a quick photo outside the palace! It was SO cold..

A really wonderful day out with lots of information and hope to return for a visit again very soon.


  1. That's on S's list so great to see inside.
    Did you think it was value for Money?

    1. It was beautiful inside but smaller than I had imagined? I'm not sure as we have the family membership for 5 places, not sure how much it cost just for Kensington? Piper enjoyed it because of all the Queen Victoria exhibits.

  2. OH my gosh I didn't know you could tour Kensington Palace. I will be putting that on my list and doing it before we leave stateside. The kids and I studied the Victorian period and love learning about Queen Victoria.

    1. Yes I'd recommend it especially if you like Queen Victoria. It was really cool being sat in her old bedroom :)

  3. Now following you so I can continue to get my dose of England. We have really loved it here and are sad to be returning home as there are still so many things we haven't seen

    1. I can't believe how much you have seen whilst you d been here! We would love to go to the US so I hope you keep blogging over there-we might find some places to visit there!