Thursday, 11 April 2013

Hobbit picnics, garden play & Books

Whilst hubby was at Warhammer World on Monday I took the girls and Ruben off to Tesco to pick up The Hobbit DVD. The girls had a friend over so Ruben and I sat and watched it together for a while but he wasn't really enjoying it without the girls. As a huge game of Monster High was going on he couldn't really play so I spent a lot of time just trying to entertain him. I'm not sure how I'd manage with an only child, you get so used to having the children playing all together and they share so many of the same interests that it makes it hard when there is one child left to entertain.

One thing Ruben said last night that I want to write down. He was trying to sleep in my bed because hubby was away and he wanted to keep me company but didn't like being in my bedroom on his own. I stayed with him for a bit to see if he would fall asleep and he said "Sometimes I have to wiggle around for 5 minutes to find my spot". I thought it was very cute and want to remember it. I'm getting so behind with blog posts that I feel as if I'm not recording our days so well...

Yesterday we had friends over to play and they managed a short stint in the garden whilst it wasn't too cold (for them anyway I was freezing!). Hubby is away until tomorrow evening so its been a long week so far. Late bedtimes for everyone, me especially and today we woke up to blue skies and sunshine.

A lazy morning and after lunch the girls and Ruben all ran outside to play. They bounced on the trampoline together pretending to be hobbits and then picked "salad" for a hobbit's picnic.

Enjoying the sunshine

Look at these fab Elven wraps they made for the picnic. The dwarfs came apparently but left quickly when they realised there was no meat left...

Monday is Tesco's collecting the DVD.

Cordelia came in after 4 hours of playing outside and put Lord of the Rings on, she knows every scene! I tried to watch it with her but its been ages since I watched the beginning, I tend to come in and out when its on, its such a long film. I kept asking questions which quite annoyed her, I think she gets annoyed that I don't know it as well as she does. My lack of knowledge was made very clear, *sigh*.

An end of day relaxing bath was made extra special too by the fact the only bodywash was Ruben's Dr Who  Cleansing Agent...not of any real importance except it made me chuckle.

Ruben and I have been making time to read this book at bedtime this week:

They all love the film and I've noticed the girls just happen to be around when I'm reading the book, which is nice. We haven't read any of the books before it though so may have to go back to the start. Our local library has just had a surge of new books so we are making the most of it.

Right, that is me finally up to date on the blog...until tomorrow!

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