Friday, 12 April 2013

Friday walks, sketches & sims

An early start for us today but it was so nice having Hubby at home this morning after 3 whole days away-it's been a L-O-N-G week being a solo parent. I feel like I haven't sat down for longer than 5 minutes apart from when I did an online food shop. So much washing still from last weeks holiday, cleaning and a birthday party to organise for 2 days time not to mention lots of talks about Prime Minsters in the wake of Margaret Thatcher's death this week. I've tried to be as open as possible with them and give them as much information as I could to be able to make up their own minds. We'll watch The Iron Lady on Netflix this weekend hopefully and that might explain a few more things about her, it's hard because I don't really remember anything as I wasn't even born when she became prime minister in 1979.

I always try to keep an open mind about things and look at things from all the angles, I don't like to be told how or what to think and I'm trying to give the children the same opportunity which is not easy with Facebook opinions and the media. But it has meant that we've had some very intense conversations this week that include: death camps, auschwitz (from watching a lady called Eva Schloss on BBC news), censorship (because of the BBC stance on playing this weeks number one), worldwide governments, Korea, Nuclear bombs & the potential threat of a nuclear war..........No wonder I'm so tired tonight!

It was a very misty start to the day but we didn't let that put us off meeting friends for a walk. We've had a few home days this week which has been lovely but I was ready for some fresh air. Ruben had a bit of a meltdown when he found out his BFF wasn't coming but we managed to coax him out of it and he was happy chatting with his sisters and their friend C. Until Cordelia trapped his finger in the swing that is, then we had another meltdown. I gave him a bit of space to calm down and he came over for a hug.

Cordelia has been a bit snappy with everyone today too and didn't speak to anyone for the first half an hour of our walk! Hormones and pre-birthday anticipation getting a bit too much for her I think. She calmed down this afternoon and drew the lovely swan picture before she and I had a game of scrabble.

Piper played on Sims on the Xbox, whilst we chatted about me having another baby that we could either call Charlie, (YouTube thing), Karl (YouTube thing), Bilbo Barras (lord of the rings thing) and lots of other lord of the rings/hobbit names. I'm not pregnant I should add and there's no plans for a Lord of the Rings baby but I'm definitely looking forward to the christenings of my grandchildren.....

Bailey helped with some birthday planning today whilst we were out-its handy having a teenager. And played a lot of Minecraft.

Lots of baking planned for tomorrow in between running around trying to get the last party bits! I've really not given myself enough time for the party I have in mind which is fine unless your an absolute perfectionist like me!! Wish me luck..,,

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