Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Emotional Teeth & Catrine DeMew

It's been an emotional kind of day, Bailey had two of four teeth removed this morning at the dentist. Neither of us were looking forward to it and I really wasn't sure how he'd deal with it-he has a very low pain threshold (so did I pre-childbirth!). But as always with my children he surprised me by being very brave. It was hard to sit there and watch when his hands were shaking, I so wanted to jump up and hold his hand! I literally had to sit on my hands to stop myself I felt so useless. He looked so faint when he got out of the chair and his mouth was a bit bloody-he looked like he'd been in a fight! He recovered himself a bit by the time we got home and I fussed around him lots, cleaning his mouth up. We'd bought him a new Xbox game at the weekend to take his mind of today so he had a play on that for a bit. I made him a bagel and scrambled egg for lunch and he had some painkillers as his jaw was hurting a bit understandably. This afternoon he's felt much better and eaten his tea with no problems. He says its weird having two of his teeth missing though :( back at the dentist first thing again tomorrow for the other two out-he wanted to get it out of the way as soon as possible, then he has two weeks before his brace is fitted. I'm so proud of my big (taller than me now) boy!

The rest of the day has been spent mainly in the garden-the sun was out yay! Cordelia and I had a quick trip out to get the new Monster High doll she'd ordered from Asda "Catrine DeMew". I'm hoping to have my hair that colour by the end of the week hehe! She's uber cool, Cordelia says she doesn't have friends because. "The city is her friend" ooh la la! Tres chic.

The girls and Ruben were very excited to get their own pedometers in the post this morning. I've been trying to do 10,000 steps a day with mine and the children were so intrigued that I bought them all a cheap one each so we can see how many they do each day. So far Ruben is winning...

Ruben also got his Pokemon cap in the post this morning and its not left his head since!

Piper, Cordelia and Ruben have spent ages playing on the trampoline, running around with the dog and generally running around the garden whilst I had the huge task of cutting the grass! Another reason we moved into this house was because of the lovely big garden-or at least it will be lovely when we've had a few more days cutting back and reclaiming the garden from overgrown plants and bushes!! It's been lovely to watch the children running around and playing together in the garden I'm SO pleased that Spring has finally arrived!


  1. Huge ((hugs)) to you all and especially your Bailey for being so very brave. x

  2. WHoo look at those great teeth specimens:) I hope you got to keep them:) Great job for going thru with it, when they had to pull my teeth I was so nervous and upset they had to put me to sleep. So I am quite impressed with your boy:)!!!