Thursday, 18 April 2013

3D Jigsaws, High Winds & Walks

Today didn't exactly go to plan, we were booked on a home ed trip to the synagogue but it was cancelled last minute. It was a shame but I was so tired today I was a bit relieved! Rubens BFF invited him over to play so hubby dropped him off whilst the girls and I dusted off the sewing machine. Bailey decided to tackle this 3D jigsaw of Camelot that hubby picked up from the car boot at the weekend. Little did we know it would be a several day project! I'd like to say he enjoyed it? But that could be a lie...,,,

The girls meanwhile decided to make some monster high bedding, they picked out material from our scrap basket and set to work measuring the dolls. We made a template from paper and pinned it on to the material before cutting out. The sewing machines were playing up a bit so we had a break for lunch and then took Tallulah for a walk. It's been really windy here in Sheffield and as we walked our usual route we noticed theses trees that had been uprooted-there was gusts of around 60-70 mph so not surprising up on the hills.

A quick play in the playground for the girls just showing your never too old to be silly! My second trip to this playground this week!

Back home, a quick cup of tea and we tidied up the sewing to finish another day and went to pick Ruben up. He'd a poke-tastic day and was shattered!

Bailey didn't finish the jigsaw, by the time we got home he'd given up for the day & gone on his Xbox!

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  1. Will need to look out for camelot jigsaw. We are seriously into merlin series here x