Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Wintry Walks & Pokemon Cards

I have blogged recently about how Pokemon has made a very welcome return to our house, but I was really glad when the Pokemon cards also came back out. Hubby taught all four of the children to play the card game a few years ago, he is very patient and much better at grasping rules than I. He even set up a league that they could all play in together and they all loved it. It went on for quite a few months before it died out.

Ruben's BFF has really gotten into Pokemon and as is the way with this little man, anything his BFF gets into so does he! Its made a change that its Ruben who is an expert of something that his friend is into and they've had some very in=depth conversations lately with Ruben sharing lots of his knowledge of Pokemon. Ruben's very lucky to have inherited so much stuff-toys, books, games and more importantly knowledge. Its something that they bond over and with such an age gap its really nice because its rare.

Ruben wanted to play the card game again so he could teach his BFF so hubby happily obliged, I think he's rather pleased to have him playing again. The girls happily sat and watched too and even helped sort all our cards out into their different catogories-trainer cards, energy cards, dark, leaf, electric, water pokemon etc, etc-there is a lot of different types!

The girls haven't had much of a crafting phase recently, they have been playing a lot of Barbie and Monster High as well as online games. They like chatting to their friends online whilst playing "Howrse". Piper decided to get out the felt bag to make some accesorries for her Barbie living room.

Piper, Ruben and I decided to get out for a bit of fresh air and take Tallulah for a walk, it is still very cold out and lots of snow everywhere. Some of the snow on the fields is several feet high but it looks as if its slowly starting to melt. I love taking photos in the snow though, I think its the light it throws back.

When its just Piper and Ruben they have these amazing , imaginative conversations that usually involve Tallulah or "Chubb" as she is affectionly known. If you listen to them our dog is both insighful and very funny. I think its really sweet but it can get some strange looks when we're out, maybe because people have such expectations of children Piper and Ruben's age. They don't expect them to be being silly, doing voices and making each other laugh. Just because Piper is nearly 12 and a half doesn't been she can't be silly!

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