Sunday, 24 March 2013

The Hepworth

Last weekend we had a trip to the Hepworth Art Gallery in Wakefield, its our second visit here and we really enjoyed the first. The good thing about visiting on a weekend is that they have lots of hands on activities for the children to take part in the downside is that its usually very busy. Last year we visited just after the gallery had won an award and was on the local and national news so it was very busy, this time was a little quieter.

Beautiful blue skies seem like ages ago not just a week!

The gallery has this great portable art pod in one of the gallery and there's lots of different activities. Bailey and Piper were happy to wonder around and look through some of the art books whilst Ruben found these discs to build with and had a great chat with the lady in charge of the art pod. He told her about his Aqua-Zoo plans and she told us about an amazing aquarium in Spain (which I've since looked up and am putting on our list of places to go!). She told us that her friend helped make the Lego DS video games-so she had some very interested children then!    

Cordelia picked up a pack that meant she could draw different shapes and patterns on to a piece of paper with different coloured crayons whilst she walked around the gallery. There are lots of different sculptures by Barbara Hepworth around so you get lots of lines and curves and the views from the huge windows over the river all help to inspire.

This was her original drawing:

When she had finished drawing we went back to the art pod and she was handed a piece of Hessian and lots of different threads and felt to sew on as she pleased. She really loved this activity and it was so relaxing just sat watching her sew

And this is the finished piece:

I think its going to look great in a frame :-)

The art pod also has some great children's art books and Ruben and Piper really loved listening to this story:

The Pencil (0)
It was a really lovely story. We also had a lot of fun with this pop-up book:

Each pop up was beautifully crafted and you had to find a hidden blue number 2 on each one. It was such a clever idea, and here's me thinking the children are too old for pop-up books any more!

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  1. i'll suggest a visit then when we next go to visit my aunt as she lives not too far from there