Sunday, 31 March 2013

Happy Easter!!

Our Easter morning started as it does every year-early and with an Easter egg hunt. Hubby spent the night before writing out clues which had them working them out and running up and down stairs..

Until they found their stash of eggs including this gigantic handmade chocolate egg! My Father-in-Law won a charity raffle at work and had promised it the children if he won and so hubby picked it up earlier in the week and hid it in the garage-It was a big surprise!

Not that you can tell but this is me holding it the night before-it was so heavy!

Very happy children, they had quite a stash of chocolate this year so think we'll still be eating it in June!

After some eating of chocolate over last night's new Dr Who episode (a family Easter ritual) Ruben and Cordelia made some bubble blowing wands with pipe cleaners

They had lots of fun blowing bubbles in between nibbling chocolate eggs

Happy Easter xx

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