Friday, 22 March 2013

Friday without group..

There were some very disappointed faces in our house this morning when all our plans for Friday group and having my dad and stepmum over for tea were cancelled in a very quick 30 minutes. The weather was just so grim and the snow so thick and fast. I'm actually glad we didn't have anywhere to go-a bonus of home educating is not having to go out in this weather. Hubby popped to the shops for a few essentials-have I said how great it is he can drive now???-but other than that we had a quiet day in.

Today I felt very appreciative for food in the fridge, heating and electricity and a warm cosy house with lots of things inside to keep us all busy.

It was a good job hubby was working from home too as I felt so unwell I ended up in bed for a couple of hours. It's been a week of us all feeling under the weather one way or another, piper had another migraine-her second this month, bailey had a full day feeling sick with stomach ache then cordelia had the same. Hubby has been in pain with an abscess in his tooth and I've had a bad back!

Here's hoping for a much better week next week, fingers crossed.

Ruben and Piper sat and made some pokemon and lord of the rings cartoon strips.

Whilst Cordelia had a go with an ice marble by filling a balloon with water and food colouring and popping it outside overnight to freeze. Not sure if it'll work as I think water balloons would have been better but it's all in the name of science...

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