Thursday, 28 March 2013

Easter Cakes & Crafts

I haven't done that much with Easter this year, its not one of my favourite holidays to be honest. The children enjoy it for the chocolate eggs but that is about all really-who deosn't get excited by chocolate. I think maybe its because we have an awful lot going on here at the moment and so its difficult to concentrate on much.

Ruben had his BFF over to play and they quickly disappeared upsatirs to play on their 3DS' together, playing Pokemon Black. So I got out some chocolate, cornflakes and mini egggs and the girls made Easter nests. Its very, very rare that we ever do baking without any actual baking in this house but to be honest it was a nice change and quite quick. The girls are perfectly capapble of doing it all by themselves so I could just hover around and take photos whilst they chatted and melted chocolate...

We messed around with my phones picture settings and the girls liked this vinatge looking photo. The cakesmanaged to sit for a whole 10 minutes before they were devoured, which is not to bad.

I found the girls some flowery patterned material so they could have a go at making some spring bunting. We haven't finished it yet though but I have a place in mind for a Spring display, we used fabric glue rather than stitching to make it a bit quicker-we seem to be all about the speed today! I think its because I've been tired and spent so much time cooking and cleaning the last few days, and I had a late night at the hospital with a friend. Six people and four pets in a house all day will create a lot of mess, washing and cleaning! I've been trying hard to make all our meals from scratch too which is lovely and tastes lovely but requires a lot more planning. The girls love being in the kitchen though and have helped me make lots of yummy soups this week.

Lots of our craft things were missing, like my material scissors and pinking shears which was a little frustrating but we managed without them. I'll hopefully put up a photo when its all finished.

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