Wednesday, 6 February 2013

The British Museum, London

After all our walking we finally reached the British Museum, just as it kept trying to snow, it was so nice to get in the warm for a bit. The last time we were in London in September there was a heatwave so it was very different this time around. The British Museum always seems really busy and today was no different.

A few years ago Piper was totally engrossed by anything Egyptian and the last time we brought her her she knew so much she could have been working for the museum. She has a really good memory and so remembered a lot from last time but she still enjoyed wandering around. None of the children enjoyed the ancient Greek bit sadly, their not comfortable with nudity, maybe because there all nearing/in the teenage years? It didn't bother them last time we were here but that was a few years ago. Time flies and children grow up..

I did really well to get several good photos of the children altogether today, a very rare occurrence!

Cordelia loved this statue

The entrance to the British Museum is pretty amazing and I really LOVE the ceiling

One of my favourite photos of the four of them together in AGES!

We had a pretty epic walk back to the train station at Victoria for our return train to Epsom. It was further away than I first thought and apple maps said 15 minutes so I thought we would be fine but it turns out apple map was on car and not walk!! We were pretty shattered when we got on the train but managed to get a pretty quiet train, none of us like busy trains. Today was really one of those days that I'm glad hubby drives too as he drove us all the way home and I got to just sit :-D I worked out that we walked 5 miles which when we only had 4 and a half hours in London was pretty good. I like to think we packed quite a bit into our few hours in the capital!

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