Thursday, 28 February 2013

Symonds Yat Rock & Last Day..

This was our lovely view from the cabin, I'm going to be really sad to leave here, its been so peaceful here and relaxing and just exactly what we all needed. Going to miss my afternoon tea sat on the sofa looking out into the forest :-(

But as it was our last full day and it turned out to be much milder and brighter than the previous few days we headed out of the cabin and walked down to the River Wye-so peaceful and pretty. I love walking near the water. The children were happy and relaxed too, chatting about Pokemon with each other and finding sticks and spotting little caves, chatting about Lord of the Rings and Toilken. These are the things I appreciate about having older children, I'm much more relaxed and not having to have a constant eye on them and they are such good walkers. They love being in the fresh air and looking for things.

We got to this point and it was lovely, we were about 1 and 1/2 miles into our walk and it had all been downhill or flat. Then we saw the sign for Syman's Yat Rock , it was only 1/2 a mile but ALL uphill.

Bailey and Ruben powered up ahead-they love being first! The views were incredibly beautiful despite the toughness of the climb! Think we are slightly out of practice at hill walking, its been a long while since we did the Kinder Scout 8 mile walk!

Syman's Yat Rock has been a popular viewpoint for years and the Victorians used to enjoy boat rides on the River Wye before climbing up to the rock. The views are epic and its one of only a few spots where you can see a pair Peregrine Falcons nesting-unfortunately we didn't catch sight of any but there were quite a few people with very large telescopic cameras waiting for a good shot.

It was a very flat 2 miles back to the cabin but lovely to have been able to do such a beautiful walk and go back to the cabin without having to take the car out at all. I think Tallulah may miss this place more than us, its a dogs dream to be walked so much on a daily basis and come home to underfloor heating. I think she will be dreaming of this place for weeks! Am sad to go home tomorrow but have had such a lovely week and am so excited for the rest of what 2013 has in store for us and our four pesky hobbits...

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