Saturday, 23 February 2013

Raglan Castle South Wales

We had no plans to visit this castle but on our drive out of Monmouth we came past an it looked so impressively beautiful that we decided to stop and visit. Lucky really, as at this time of year its only open on weekends! I'm a real sucker for a good castle and Raglan is one of the most beautiful I've ever visited. I love a moat too!

It was built in 1430, which was quite late for castles-about 150 years later actually. It was built for William Herbert and despite being built for show it was still used in the Civil War and kept Oliver Cromwell's army at bay for thirteen weeks! It was also used for an episode of the BBC's Merlin.

The moat was actually frozen it was so cold!

Can you see the original fireplace on the wall?

There was even icicles on the inside of the basement:

The view from one of the towers below-there were lots of steps to climb but the view was worth it.

Some parts of the castle and its detail you could only see and appreciate fully from above.

Hmmmm, this is Bailey's attempt at being in a photo with his sisters...

Would highly recommend a visit, it was a fab trip and only cost us £10.80 for a family ticket-so a complete bargain. Would be a lovely spot for a picnic in the summer too...

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