Monday, 4 February 2013

Pokemon, reading, singing & Halo

A slow start to Monday, nothing new there really, but then lots of creativity from Ruben who is embracing Pokemon again with open arms. So much so that I purchased him a jumbo bag of new felt tips whilst in the supermarket today so he has some of his own and not ones that have been left without lids to dry out. Such as happens in a household with four children. The girls have their own crayons and pens, mostly ones they've bought out of their own pocket money so its nice for Ruben to have some of his own.

The girls have mainly been in their room this morning, coming down fro lunch and getting ready for singing. Ruben and I dropped them off and went around the supermarket buying baking supplies. I gave him Cordelia's shopping list and he managed to read most of the things on it which is great progress. I've noticed a real difference in his approach to reading lately, where he used to just ask me what things said he is definitely trying to read things himself. Things he sees on the TV, leaflets, road signs, text messages, ebay, emails etc he really seems to be connecting words to real life. I haven't pushed him reading any books as it just made him frustrated and disinterested so am glad that I backed off and let him do it in his own time. I have noticed when we have been reading his Pokemon books that he is following the words and even reading ahead and laughing at certain points!

The girls came out of singing in a lovely mood, as always, they have real fun with their teacher. Today they have been practising the play that Piper wrote last year, not sure when they will be performing it but it all sounds very exciting! The girls have come up with the idea of holding the summer concert at our house and raising money for charity by doing a tea party at the same time. Not until July time but they are already thinking up lots of exciting things..

On the way home we popped into our local charity shop and picked up this book:
Product Detailsfor only £1.99, in perfect condition! The girls have several from this range already and really love them.

Hubby picked Bailey up this book from the same charity shop last week for £2:
Product Detailshe has hardly put it down and has been looking into the computer software used to craete the images. He really fancies having a go himself. We had a good chat about creative writing today too and that is something else he wants to look into. He has started his own blog recently so that is helping but he would like to go a bit further with it.

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