Thursday, 21 February 2013

Piper goes Purple!

Whilst we were in town meeting up with friends Piper bought some Manic Panic Purple Haze hair dye. She has wanted to do it for ages and I agreed as long as there was no bleaching involved, thankfully I think watching me bleach my own hair has put both the girls off haha! So at least something good has come from it..

We started off quite early as the longer its on the better. Its a bit messy to put on and we had to cover her head with clingfilm and tin foil to keep it warm.

We had friends over too which meant the time flew by and my friend's daughter helped Piper rinse it all off and dry her hair. She loved it and it worked brilliantly but because its so dark it didn't really come out in the photographs.

But this is a lovely shot of my eldest girl anyway!
You can at least see how shiny it is...

Piper is so lucky as she has the thickest, gorgeous hair which is so ironic because when she was little it was so thin and fell out easily and I couldn't do anything with it at all! She is growing up so quickly and is a constant pleasure to be around :-D I'm a lucky mama xx

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