Tuesday, 12 February 2013


We've had a really good week with lots of friends this week. We met up with some friends at our local nature reserve and even though it was a push to get out because of the cold and Ruben's huge tantrum I'm so glad we did.

Sometimes the getting out of the house at this time of year is the hardest part, I'm really bored of the cold now and will be so pleased to have Spring arrive next month! I'm sure its not helping with the children's moods either. Ruben in particular is struggling with regular meltdowns and Cordelia has been up and down too :-(

But a walk around the nature reserve did us all good and Ruben got to have fun with his friend D whilst the girls got to fuss over little L, so they were all pretty happy! After a walk around we warmed up in the cafe with hot chocolates and biscuits-some highlights to the cold then!

Another day and another meet up with friends! This time Bailey came too as its been a while since he met up with his friend M. They went off to the cinema to watch "Warm Bodies" whilst we had a wander around the Winter Gardens galleries and in particular the Ruskin exhibition "Force of Nature".

It was lovely to get all the children together for this photo:

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