Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Forest of Dean & The Hunt for Wild Boar

Despite us being here several days we'd still not had chance to have a walk in the Forest of Dean, it was SO cold and we kept hoping it would get a little warmer...But hey ho its February-what can you do? So we wrapped up warm and headed out. Plus point of the weather and obviously with it being term-time is that is was very quiet, so quiet in fact that whilst walking we didn't pass another soul. I like that.

The part of the forest we began walking was a sculpture park but apart from this huge chair we didn't actually see any of the other sculptures and I was a little disappointed perhaps because our Sculpture Park is so good at home?!

The girls were very happy to find this lovely swing

And a secret hideout

And some very fresh wild boar prints in the mud. Unfortunately, this was a close as we got to spotting any real wild boar but to be honest I was a little relieved as they can be quite big!

A quick play in the deserted playground and a cup of hot tea for me and then it was time to get back in the car. Too cold for long walks but I'm so looking forwards to some good walks later in the year!

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