Friday, 1 February 2013

February begins at Rufford

A lovely Friday group meet up at Rufford Abbey-as it wasn't snowing or raining we thought it would be good to get everyone outside! And we were right..

As the weather has been pretty bad recently we've had terrible high winds/gales and it looks like these poor wicker angels took the full brunt. it was a little bit creepy actually, a little bit Dr Who "Weeping Angels"-you'll understand if you've seen it!

For once I remembered some bread to feed the ducks and the children had lots of fun feeding them.

We even did some bird spotting, there is always lots of bird feeders around at Rufford which in turn means there is always lots of birds to see including this very sweet Robin..

I gave the children a bag of chocolates to share out between them, well it was cold and they needed to keep their energy up..

This little Robin was very brave and came right up to us, mainly due to the children's friend feeding him malted milk biscuits-which he really enjoyed! I don't think I've ever seen one so close up, he even sang us a little song!

A picture of the two Ruben's-BFF'S! They were so totally engrossed in their conversation (Pokemon!) they walked around the same section of walled garden for a good 20 minutes. From the minute we meet to the very last nano-second of us leaving they don't leave each other's side or stop chatting, Its really quite fascinating to watch them in each other's company, its like they have been friends forever. They just don't get bored or fed up or even argue! Cordelia took this photo and I think its lovely :)

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