Monday, 11 February 2013

Chinese New Year

I have always wanted to take the children to the Chinese New Year show in Sheffield City Hall but for one reason or another we have never made it, until this year! It was one of the children's friends birthdays so they very kindly bought us tickets to join them. Hubby wasn't working away so we managed to go as a family too which was really lovely. Before the show started we could go down into the ballroom to have a look around and enjoy some of the pre show entertainment and free fortune cookies! The children were also given flags to wave during the show.

I only managed a couple of photos and to be fair they are rubbish but I really wanted to keep a record of it on the blog for the children so even though there rubbish photos I'm posting them up!

It was quite hot and very busy in there and we were all wrapped up due to the really cold weather so we got a bit flustered and decided to go up to our seats. The show itself was really, really good. Although I wasn't overly keen on the four presenters-they were very cheesy and a bit too scripted but some of the acts including the Chinese dragons, the acrobats and the face changer were fantastic.

The children thought it was brilliant and that they got to be out at night with there friends just made it even more special!

Happy Year of the Snake!

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