Sunday, 24 February 2013


This completes our capital cities of mainland UK, this year we have visited London and in 2009 we visited Edinburgh-we really need to visit again soon though be great if it was this year at some point.

Anyway back to Cardiff. It was nice and quiet as it was Sunday and so we had a walk around the town centre, most of the shops were shut which seemed strange for a capital city but some of the architecture was really stunning. Including the National Museum of Wales.

I spy a dragon!
Oh and another one!
Not sure what tree this sculpture is holding but we thought it was cool
Cardiff Castle
A very beautiful church in the town centre, not sure what year it was built but it looked incredibly old.
Inside the museum, there were dinosaurs!

Woolly mammoths

Basking shark

Having a sisterly moment

Ruben checks out the oldest rock in the world

We had a walk through the impressive art collection where we saw paintings by Renoir, Monet, Van Gogh, John Piper. The art collection was donated to the museum by the Davies sisters-Gwendoline & Margaret Davies. Wonder if the girls will amount such a collection between them??

My favourite was this painting :
La Pariseinne by Renoir
The Parisian Girl

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