Sunday, 24 February 2013

Cardiff Bay

After we had walked around Cardiff we jumped back in the car for a warm up and decided to follow the brown tourism signs to Cardiff Bay. There were lots of very cool and impressive buildings here and it was great admiring all the different architecture.

We spotted the Dr Who experience but as it was already late in the day and we had Tallulah with us we had to put it on our list for next time. Its a shame as all of the children really love Dr Who and if you ask them what they will be doing Easter Sunday their answer would be "Egg hunt and then watching the new Dr Who episode with chocolate"...

Love the red brick on this building

Before I saw this sculpture I had no idea Ivor Novello (or David Ivor Davies-his real name) was born here. He was a famous Welsh composer, singer and actor, one of his best known songs "Keep the Home Fires Burning" was popular during World War One. This sculpture was unveiled in 2009 outside Wales Millennium Centre.

The Ivor Novello awards are for celebrating British song writing and composing and have been going for over 50 years. The plinth has names of the musicals he wrote:

I have always wanted to see this building and it wasn't disappointing in real life-it's huge! I loved how different coloured slate has been used at the side (you can't see it in this picture though). I love the colour scales of slate.

You can see the reflection of the slate in this photo though, along with Ruben and his friend Piplup.

Whilst looking out over the bay we saw two cormorants.

And this very beautiful Norwegian Church! It was built in 1868 for the thousands of Norwegian sailors employed in the Norwegian merchant fleet. It was the oldest surviving church in Britain to be founded by the Norwegian Seaman's Mission and was the centre of Scandinavian religion, culture and tradition. The bell tower (at the other side and not really visible from this photo) was added in 1885.

That pretty much summed up our trip to Cardiff Bay as it was very, very cold and so we didn't stay too long before heading back to the car.

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