Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Baking & Planning

Since our visit to the library on Thursday the girls and I have been pouring over this book:

It is quite simple EPIC!
Today we had a go at the snickers brownies. Sitting here practically too full to even move my fingers, it was the most amazing dessert! We also had a go at making a cinnamon loaf, which meant really well except we left out the cup of sour cream!! It still tastes good though. Maybe I shouldn't have tried to bake two new things and cook a roast chicken with all the trimmings at the same time??? Maybe..
Its the first time I've ever attempted to make caramel but it won't be the last. Cordelia was very patiently watching the sugar and water solution dissolve and bubble and waited 25 minutes before it went the desired amber colour. Both girls were fab in the kitchen today and it was nice to have some girl time! We invited the boys but Bailey has been painting Warhammer figures and creative writing and Ruben has been building a Pokemon world on Minecraft and continuing with his colouring in of all 649 Pokemon characters.... So as you can imagine they were busy!

                                 Patiently waiting for the caramel to turn amber...

                                 Quickly stirring in the butter and cream

                                 We still have lots left too....

                                 Mmmmm cinnamon loaf...

I managed to coax all four children into doing 30 minutes on IXL too.

The morning was mainly spent playing Lego or rather recreating YouTube videos in Lord of the Rings Lego minifigures and lots of giggles. Piper is still continuing to read Tolkien's Return of the King too so she has been curled up reading that too.

Then we spent quite a while planning our trip out tomorrow but more on that tomorrow!

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  1. looks like a great baking book, both my girls, but partic the older love baking :)