Sunday, 3 February 2013

A Home kind of day..

We had plans for a wintry walk today but Hubby and I were just too tired and weary so we decided on a day home. Hubby took his parents to the airport at 4am this morning and has had a long week at work so understandably is tired. Since we moved in to this new house we just don't seem have gotten around to putting our own stamp on the place. We still have some things in boxes which is really very unlike us as we are quite used to moving but we have had a lot on with illness, birthdays, Christmas, starting up our own business and making very big and important plans for the next few months, busy, busy, busy. Think that explains why we are both feeling tired and weary so a day home seems to have been much needed!

Bailey has had a day on the Xbox, only interrupted this afternoon by his warhammer group locally which lasts nearly all afternoon and food obviously!

Piper and Cordelia brought the Barbie's back downstairs-which was nice to see, they've been a little neglected of late. They have played on their online games, read some of their library books, read through my baking books and decided what we are going to bake in the coming week. Cordelia helped me finish off the embroidery hoop pictures we started ages ago and hubby kindly hung them up for us-they look lovely in the hallway. Then Cordelia helped me chop all the vegetables for a tea of fajitas she did an excellent job bless her!

Ruben has been busy playing Pokemon, he started a game of Viva Pinata on the Xbox before he got bored and went outside to help daddy. We had to have the outside drains dug up a week ago and they had to remove a huge tree from the front of the house, it was left there and so hubby has had to chop it up and take it to the recycle depot. Ruben came in and then back out again twice. Then he went to help daddy hoover out the cars and back in again. Hubby had a game of Mario Kart on the DS with him too and they drew some Pokemon together all before tea.

I have been busy painting an old cabinet and making bunting for it and I've drank a lot of tea but I am feeling less tired. Tonight is finishing with the girls and I watching BBC's Call The Midwife BBC IPLAYER

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