Saturday, 23 February 2013

500th Post!! Woo Hoo. Chepstow

Where has the time gone? 500 blog posts seems like such a lot but at the same time nothing at all. We've had quite a few page views over our little blog's nearly three years, I wonder how many posts I could have done if I'd blogged about everything that's happened to us over that time?? Although that would have been completely unrealistic of me because as much as I enjoy keeping this blog, sometimes (a lot of the time) I'm just too busy living it to write it all down. The main purpose of my blog has always been to have something to show the children when they are older, keep a record of places we have visited, see how much they have grown and changed but its become quite a personal thing for me. Sometimes I have found it a great place to have a rant, and I do love my soapbox, other times I have wrote posts that I have deleted because I'm just not ready to share everything on the blog. Its a hard line to draw.

I hope my four gorgeous pesky hobbits will have this to look back on though and know that everyday they inspire me to be a better person and parent. I hope they'll see that we have had so much fun and that there is no where else in the world I'd rather have been than here with them, no job could ever be more important to me than the one I have right now and even when it is tough I still wouldn't change it. Everyday I get to spend my day with four amazing, funny, inspiring, intelligent, charismatic and totally cool people-I literally have the best job in the world..(even if someday's I need a little reminder-hey ho I never said I was perfect!)

Chepstow was a lovely little place, its on the Welsh border and has a huge sprawling castle that sadly we didn't have time to visit. It was just too cold for a big walk around anything. We did have a little walk around the shops, lots of vintage shops which we all enjoyed having a mooch around. I had a fantastic coffee from an independent coffee shop too-it was a white chocolate cherry mocha-yum! Just the right thing to warm me up.

We had a little walk to the Old Road Bridge, which spans the second highest tidal range in the world, at more than 14 metres in a single day. It looks like such a simple bridge its hard to think it does such an important job!

Shame about it being too cold for a castle visit though

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