Thursday, 31 January 2013

Windy walks and library days

Today we had a windy walk to the playground with the diggity dog, Daddy has been working away for the last two days and isn't due home until tomorrow :-( None of us find it easy without him here as we all miss him SO much, thank goodness for Skype! So I've been keeping us busy by seeing friends and today we had a very blustery walk to the playground. I was a little nervous taking the dog down the path again after the rather nasty attack on her last time but there were no such problems today and it was a lovely walk. The kind of walk where two happy sisters walked hand in hand ahead and chatted away happily whilst Ruben and I talked. Its nice when you get to have some real good conversations, and I find that Ruben prefers chats like this when he is outdoors and has my full attention. He really loves nature and discovering things and has been collecting lots of seeds and things when he has been on walks recently. He takes them home and likes to mash them up and see what's inside them, I think its great that he is discovering new things all by himself but today we had a chat about careful we need to be with berries and seeds and how dangerous they could be. We talked about how nature makes things bright colours sometimes as a warning sign and how things like mushrooms can look perfectly safe but then turn out to be deadly. All of this lead to a trip to the library after a lunch. Since we moved house we haven't visited our local library at all, we have had one trip with friends to the central library but that's all. So it was really nice to go back to our local library, the girls don't tend to get so many books out usually as according to them "they've read everything here" but it was lovely to see them both get a huge pile each of books, even Bailey got out some interesting and different books along with his Warhammer favourites!

I got some of my favourite baking books out as we seem to have been bitten by the baking bug here again, I think due to last weeks Comic Relief celebrity Great British Bake-Off. As we got home Piper decided she wanted to make a cake with pale blue icing, apart from showing her where the weighing scales were she completely baked the cake herself. Not something she does usually as she leaves baking to Cordelia but she was so proud of herself and is now planning what to bake next! We had friends over for tea so home-made pizza was eaten followed by lots of laughs and cake...I almost daren't say it but I'm going to whisper it quietly...very quietly...its been an almost perfect home education day....

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