Wednesday, 16 January 2013

This means War....Warhammer that is....

Yesterday on the blog I mentioned Bailey's Warhammer and thought I needed to show off his skills a little bit more...

He collects the Space Marines, Ultra marines and Dark Angels 40 k. He started collecting it when he was 10 years old but it only lasted a very brief period. We kept hold of his figures just in case he came back to it, which was a good idea because its SO expensive! Anyway he did finally come back to it last year and so his new obsession began, we've been through a few (not as many as Ruben thank goodness!) Thomas the Tank Engine, Transformers, Pokemon, Xbox (well that one is still ongoing..)

Luckily Hubby being the super dad he is, has managed to learn the very complex rules and regularly has battles with him. I've no idea how he manages to learn all the different rules or has the patience to play it but I'm in serious awe of him, games can last hours or sometimes even run into the next day...

For Christmas Bailey was lucky to receive quite a few new sets making his army quite powerful. He has spent quite a few afternoons this month patiently painting his figures.

His really made progress with his painting and I think it helps that he has found a local group that he attends weekly. All of his friends are either back in school or at college so its been a strange few months, although to be fair Bailey isn't really that bothered by socialising but this group has changed that. He really looks forward to his weekend group now and gets on well with the staff there and other members of the group. Some his own age, some younger and older. During the last week of the Christmas holidays a group member won a raffle and got to spend 3 hours whilst the shop was closed playing Warhammer on the big gaming boards, very kindly he invited Bailey to go with him, so the two of them got 3 hours of gaming with the staff-he really enjoyed himself. He spends a lot of time learning the rules and reading through the books and magazines and its become a really large part of his week.

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  1. Brendan found warhammer in the school summer holidays and loves his weekend group too! Like Bailey, he has never been in to social groups and he has never done "clubs" but he loves this! the guys at the shop are great with him and he has made some friends! I do wish i could get my head around the rules though and have more battles with Brendan!