Sunday, 20 January 2013

Snow part 2..

I'd really love to say that today went much better than yesterday, really I would...

After yesterday I thought we'd go out without the sledge and just take the dog for a walk instead, already it sounds much simpler. Bailey, again stayed home, maybe its his asperger's that means he doesn't like the snow or maybe because he's just got some sense-who knows?.

First part of the walk went well, that's 5 whole minutes, then...disaster struck, compacted snow makes for slippery paths. Bang on his knee goes Ruben, tears, screams of "I want to go home now, I can't walk..." We ventured on nicely squishing him between mama and daddy holding both his hands. After a few minutes the whaling stopped and he went back to cuddling his soft Bulbsaur.

We turned around to come home (after my tree project photo had been taken) and then a rogue dog came running up towards Tallulah (our rescued Jack Russell) who was safely on a lead and attacked her!! I ended up having to kick the dog off her whilst the girls screamed. We hurriedly walked off after checking Tallulah was ok and the dogs owner came past us, I was so cross but managed to calmly tell him what his dog had just done. His response? He gave a nervous laugh and told us the dog had run off, yeah really we'd noticed!!!....

Back home and thankfully the day improved greatly....Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 watched, a mega long game of Warhammer played. We couldn't get Bailey to his warhammer group today due to the weather so hubby kindly had a battle with him. Cordelia helped me bake a chocolate brownie and a steamed syrup pudding for after our roast chicken sandwiches. Much more relaxing.

Piper also lost one of her bottom teeth (its huge!), but spent most of the afternoon doing Paper Fashions, which she hasn't done for ages.

Tonight we watched countryfile, which was in Exmoor and a place we'd visited in the summer on our camping trip "The Valley of the Rocks". And Ruben had an early night, he's shattered. The girls stayed up and we watched "Call the Midwife" together, they watched the Christmas special and really loved it. It nicely ties in with a place we're going to visit next permitting that is...

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