Friday, 4 January 2013

Sherwood Forest

We met up with friends and had a lovely walk around Sherwood Forest today, it was such a mild day it felt a bit like Spring! Sitting outside the cafe and enjoy a pot of tea there was even a wasp for goodness sake-in January!!!
We haven't visited Sherwood in a long time (except to go past it to get to Sherwood Pines) I had forgotten how nice it was. We couldn't take Tallulah (our jack russell) with us sadly as there have been lots of reports of dogs dying within 72 hours of visiting and no-one is sure why. Despite this there were still lots of dogs about!?
It didn't take long to get to the Major Oak, which is where Robin Hood and his Merry Men were reported to have lived. Piper was pretty disappointed that it was just an ordinary tree, albeit a very large, ancient and impressive tree but still it had no doors, windows or stairs like she had envisioned! Well you can't please everyone.
Cordelia took a photo of what she thinks is a wooden version of Gandalf (LOTR/HOBBIT Obsessed!!) and also a lovely photo of the woods.
We found a lovely little playground for everyone to play in but instead they all decided to play on the grass and take part in their own version of "Hunger Games" the girls are huge fans of the book (I enjoyed them too) and their friends have just watched the film. So they set about making their own weapons-slightly unsuccessfully to be honest as there was only sticks available but you get the idea! They then set up their own camp with a packet of chocolate edition jammie dodgers-so very happy children! Until it was time to go that is because despite being there for 3 hours its just never long enough with your BFF'S!

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