Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Painted eggs, Playmobil & a Water Horse

A slow start to this morning with it being so cold (-3), Ruben played on his Spore pc game for a bit. Piper and Bailey both did an hour on IXL maths. Bailey then proceeded to have a Warhammer battle against himself, it takes so long to set up, play & then put away I really don't know how he has the patience! But the weekend group is obviously paying off because he has spent hours learning the rules and painting his new figures. He got quite a few new ones for Christmas and is about halfway through painting them.

Piper and Cordelia took over the hallway to play Playmobil, piper turned her bank into a toy shop and cordelia used her vintage circus fence to contain her horses. Looked like a lot of fun and giggles coming from the hallway! Piper has been using her new Top Model pencils to colour in Top Model pictures and Cordelia has made a lovely picture for her friends birthday, she spent ages on it but I can't put a photo on incase they see it :-p

Ruben has spent most of the afternoon playing Moshi Monsters with his figures and super moshi HQ. apart from a small break where he decided he wanted me to boil an egg so he could paint it. This is his finished egg-complete with glitter! Who knew he could paint and use glitter without the words crossing my lips? I'm impressed. He's obviously already thinking about Easter....,

After tea we watched the film I bought Ruben for Christmas- The Water Horse. He's wanted to go to see the Loch Ness Monster for a while now and we still haven't made it up there (yet) so I thought this film might be a good idea. It's actually a lovely film and we really enjoyed it. The children were very excited to read the front of the DVD-WETA did the visual effects for the film, the same team who worked on LOTR-theres really no escape from it haha!! He's now sat watching River Monsters with daddy-they love this programme-I feel a fishing/loch ness trip coming on.....,,,

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