Wednesday, 9 January 2013

One on one time

It's a bit rare to be fair as we don't have family members who help out or a regular sitter so it's a bit as and when. Today the girls and Bailey wanted to stay home and since hubby was working from home I just took Ruben. He (and I) seem to be struggling with January blues, we're not great at being indoors and there's a severe lack of indoor activities that a) don't cost a small fortune and b) cater for ages above 8. As the children get older it seems activities for age 8-14 get fewer and far between. I suppose it's mainly due to children in this age category being at school but it is frustrating. It gets harder and harder to find things to do during the winter.
Ruben wanted to go to the park and farm so that's where we went. There were a few animals missing and he was disappointed the Emu wasn't around or the llamas but he did meet some young Highland Cows and lots of different chicken breeds including lots of baby chicks. There is also two new deer.
We walked over to the cafe and Ruben chose himself a muffin (which was nearly as big as his face!) and a hot chocolate and we sat in the rose garden-like we have for years. Bizarre to watch mums with prams and toddlers whilst I sit with my youngest child being 9, I'm not sure I'm ready to leave all that behind...
Ruben had a quick play in the playground but it seems its not as much fun when your solo, so we headed back to the car.
Back at home and the girls had watched episode 2 of Queen Victoria's Children and played with Pipers Victorian playmobil mansion (her Christmas present!) and played queens with the Barbies's.

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  1. Completely agree about there being fewer activities/workshops around at places of interest for those children aged 8 and over. You really have to search and dig to find some, especially those that don't coast a fortune!