Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Meeting up with friends & horse stables!

Today we went to meet up with my friend Mel and her two lovely boys, we managed to have a cuppa and a chat whilst Ruben, D and L all played together in the garden. Then we had a lovely walk up to the nearby horse stables. I have been looking at these horse stables recently as I priced up lessons for Cordelia. She has had them on and off for a while but I have never managed to find anywhere that I think just fits us perfectly. Which to be fair is not easy as the equipment and lessons are quite expensive. But after thinking and trying to work things out money-wise I've said if she has the equipment for her birthday in April she can start having a private lesson once a fortnight, which is just about manageable. The body protector in particular is so very expensive but I know it is something that for me, she HAS to have and I'm not happy with a cheap or second hand one. If Cordelia should ever, (shaking as I write this!) falls off the horse I want to know that she is wearing the best support we can afford. She is more than happy to have a body protector and helmet for her birthday anyway and super, duper excited about the prospect of getting back on a horse, its been a while for her. Her love of horses began at the age of 9 months and one of her first words was "Popo", she just adores them. No idea where it comes from because I am petrified of them!

The staff at the horse stables were brilliant and even let us look around at the horses, which I found hugely welcoming, it seems like a great place for Cordelia to be and she loved stroking all the horses.

 Ruben shouted me over to show me this anvil that he had found. I didn't even know that was what it was called so I was really impressed that he did-how did he know? Lord of the Rings of course!
 On the way back Cordelia spotted this house name too, we also spotted "Piper's" crisps in the horse stables shop and a caravan called Bailey-seems like a day for names!!

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